Jenny and Varvara created a unique environment that I have never found equalled in the twenty years of my life I have participated in art programs: hands-off, and yet structured; never pushing, instead, inspiring. My goal for the Mudhouse Residency was to regain my confidence in painting and drawing from direct observation by taking classes with Jenny, and by working in the studio, to rediscover my artistic self-discipline (lapsed since my full time job began). It’s hard to explain how being in Agios Ioannis inspires and focuses you—it’s an exquisitely beautiful place, and the Mudhouse itself has to be seen to be believed. During my time there, I could channel that incredible sensory overload of being in a simultaneously new and very old and beautiful place into making artwork. It was as though everything else became quiet. The Mudhouse Residency was an incredible boost to my practice, I made more there in just two short weeks than I can in half a year at home, and I came back feeling relaxed but energized, focused and full of motivation to keep working.
— Madeleine Boucher

2018 july artists


Mary Kuvet Kansas City, MO, USA
Anders Johnson
Gunnison, CO, USA
Courtney Nicole Googe
Arlington, TX, USA
Trina Langsenkamp
Athens, Greece
Rosie Riebl
Melbourne, Australia
Ron Buffington
Chattanooga, TN, USA
Patricia Milton
Berkeley, CA, USA
Ingrid Gaiotto
Australia and Italy
Denise Martin
Melbourne, Australia
Kate Stone
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Adriane Howell
Melbourne, Australia
Caroline Minchew
Middleburg, VA, USA
Sara Stewart
Danbury, CT, USA
Eva Tuschman
Berkeley, CA, USA

2018 June artists

Paola Sierra Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA
Elana Jacobs
Chicago, IL, USA
Kristen McNevins
Vernon, CT, USA
Ariella Van Luyn
Armidale, Australia
Rodrigo Tafur
Lima, Peru
Mélissa Mourez
Ottawa, Canada
Monica Toledo Silva
São Paulo, Brasil
La Mia Bella Sorella (Katrine Grarup Elbo & Astrid Grarup Elbo)
Copenhagen, Denmark & Berlin, Germany
Hillary Olson
Minneapolis, MN, USA
Cynthia Norton
Louisville, KY, USA
Jane Elias
Brooklyn, NY USA

2017 Artists


Sara Dowling    Limerick, Ireland
Hannah Schillinger    Brooklyn, NY
Caitlin Foster    Brooklyn, NY
Mauricio Athie    Rockville, MD
Phoebe Brueckner    San Fransisco, CA
Catherine Maroney     Cincinatti, OH
Sonia Corina    Hudson, NY
Quin Mittelstead    Brooklyn, NY      
Nick Mittelstead    San Fransisco, CA
Andrea Wilkins    Jeju-Do, South Korea
Linda Berkowitz    Brooklyn, NY
Lisandra Noboa    Brooklyn, NY
Peggy Kouroumalos    Montreal, Quebec





Lynette K Stephenson is a painter and professor of art from Colgate University in New York. Her studio practice is interested in revealing the allure of ordinary, discarded objects, which she transforms through her artwork, commenting on the beauty of everyday life. The paintings she made during the residency were composed of materials that were found in the village. -

Miranda Clark is an artist and professor of photography from Detroit. Her chandelier installation, “Your Neon Love Will Shine”, was the third in a series, the first chandelier was photographed in the Black Forest, the second in a castle in Spain, and the last, influenced by the movie Xanadu, was installed during the residency at Psarapoula Beach on Crete. The series is about fairy tales and the narrative of romance. -


2015 Artists

Madeleine Boucher is a printmaker and multi-media artist working in Brooklyn. She is a founding member of Shoestring Press, a fine art print shop and art space dedicated to experimental approaches to traditional and new print media in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Her academic work on Buddhist art of the medieval period parallels an exploration of images with sacred resonance in her own artwork: icons from dreams; surrealistic symbols and apparitions; cosmological maps refracted through Google Earth.-  

Erika Broser - Studio + Workshop Residency - Viroqua, Wisconsin, USA


mudhouse FOUNDERS

The founders are committed to maintaining a presence on both sides of the globe, inviting international artists to participate in the Residency and collaborating with artist communities and universities in Greece and in the U.S. to bring the work of Mudhouse artists-in-residence into the public eye. Varvara and Jenny have since opened a second residency program that continues year round in Athens Greece, the Athena Standards Residency program.

Jenny Carolin received her Masters in Fine Arts with a concentration in Painting from Syracuse University, and her Bachelors in Fine Arts from the Columbus College of Art and Design. The desire to find movement and expression in two dimensional work led her to expand her practice to include performance, video and installation. She has taught Figure Drawing, Foundation Drawing and Drawing and Painting for Non-Art Majors for the College of Visual and Performing Arts at Syracuse University. Currently, she is a faculty member of the New York School of the Arts in Manhattan and serves as the director of Shoestring Studio in Brooklyn, NY where she maintains her studio practice.-

Varvara Liakounakou was born in Athens, Greece. She received her diploma in Fine Arts from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy. Her paintings are based on her drawings, which begin as doodlings, inspired by human nature. To create atmosphere and expression around her abstraction of the figure, the drawings build upon themselves with layers and layers of line, and she uses many transparent layers of oil colors and oil pastels to translate a similar drawn quality to painting. She has taught painting and drawing for the past five years in Athens, Greece at a private institute. Varvara has exhibited at the Medusa Gallery in Athens, the Muiler Muiler Gallery in Belgium and the Galleria de Marchi in Bologne, Italy. -