The Mudhouse Residency came into being around the notion that the village of Agios Ioannis, Crete offers the ideal combination of spectacular natural beauty, an intriguing historical past, and the unique quasi-seclusion to allow for a cultural immersion, in sum, an enriching, engaging and ultimately unparalleled residency experience. 

We offer two programs, designed to suit the individual needs of the resident. The Studio Residency offers established visual artists the time and the studio space to develop a body of work and the Independent Residency is ideal for non-studio artists who desire the opportunity to partake in village life and the residency community but crave the solitude of the mountain village to realize their project.

Our Residency Program for 2017 is June 19th- July 3rd. Applications are currently being accepted. The application deadline is May 1, 2017.

The Mudhouse Residency is designed to provide a cultural immersion: living, working and dining in the mountain village of Agios Ioannis. The residency is inclusive to practicing artists and non-practicing artists alike, to benefit visual artists, photographers, writers and filmmakers, students seeking enrichment in the study of visual arts, and those continuing their education. Meals are taken family style at the village taverna and group outings have been organized to tour the archeological site of Mochlos and visit several of the numerous breathtaking beaches. At the end of each session an exhibition is mounted at the Agios Ioannis Cultural Center, with a corresponding reception in which the residents of the village and surrounding villages are invited to celebrate with the artists.

The Studio Residency is designed for professional visual artists with an established practice seeking the time and space to realize an individual project. The Studio Residency includes 24 hour access to a shared studio space within the village as well as the opportunity to participate in drawing and painting sessions with the figure model and group excursions with the workshop as an ala carte option. Studio Residents are warmly invited to present an artist's lecture within the duration of the Residency and participate in the Residency's closing Exhibition. 

The Independant Residency provides the time and structure to focus on a non-studio based project, be it a novel, screenplay, documentary video or book of photography. Crete is a visual feast for the eyes, arresting in natural beauty but also a complex system of modern life existing in the footprints of ancient civilizations. Witness the shepherd's sheep-shearing festival, hike across olive orchards or spend the time contentedly holed up in the peaceful solitude of the mountain village of Agios Ioannis. The Mudhouse is pleased to host a reading, screening or viewing of works in progress as desired. The Independent Resident also has the opportunity to contribute to the closing Mudhouse Residency Exhibition.

All Programs include the accommodations of the resident for the duration of the Residency, as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner each day within the village.  The Studio Residency also includes 24 hour access to shared studio spaces. 

Residents are responsible for organizing their own air, sea or land transportation to and from Agios Ioannis, as well as the transportation of their artwork at the conclusion of the Residency. Individual transportation can be coordinated through bus or taxi service with other residents arriving or departing at similar times, and car rental is also possible from the airport. The Mudhouse can provide advice and recommendations if requested. Residents should budget in spending money for souvenirs as well as for adult beverages enjoyed outside of group meals. Agios Ioannis's own Bar 55 boasts local live music and is a popular spot for a night cap. Studio residents and Independent residents also have the option of participating in Workshop excursions for a small fee.

The Mudhouse Residency has a foot on both sides of the globe, it’s founders Jennifer Carolin and Varvara Liakounakou hail from New York City and Athens, Greece, respectively. Jennifer Carolin received her MFA in Painting from Syracuse University, she has instructed courses in Painting, Drawing and Foundation Studies, currently she is the Director of Shoestring Studio in Brooklyn, NY. Varvara Liakounakou is a visual artist living, working and showing in Athens, Greece, her work has been exhibited in Athens, Santorini, Turin, Florence, Bologna, and Belgium. The founders are committed to maintaining a presence on both sides of the globe, inviting international artists to participate in the Residency and collaborating with artist communities and universities in Greece and in the U.S. to bring the work of Mudhouse artists-in-residence into the public eye.